Character Trades

Character Trades

A colorful card deck to teach kids good character!

2 to 6
10 to 30 minutes

Character Trades
uses fun games
to teach kids character.


Character Trades includes a 76-card deck that allows for a variety of card games. Use Character Trades to start a family game night and spark meaningful conversations with kids about good character.

  • Essential character traits and their definitions help teach kids how to live and love well.
  • Based on 4 primary personality types' strengths and weaknesses 
  • Introduces 36 important character traits to help kids build character

Fun family card game!
  • 76 colorful cards
  • Great for ages 6+
  • Basic game is for 3 to 8 players
  • Variations possible for just 2 players

Basic game play is an easy and fast-paced card game similar to "Pit". Other variations are similar to "Uno", "Memory", "Go Fish", "Old Maid" and "Taboo". Or make up your own unique way to play!
  • Fast, easy game play 
  • Variety of game options keep kids interested 
  • Easier versions let younger kids play too 
  • Discussion ideas spark meaningful conversation