Shields of Valor

Shields of Valor

Collect 4 Shields of Valor to defend your kingdom!

2 to 4
20 to 60 minutes

Demonstration Video:

Shields of valor is an
exciting and strategic
set-collection card game
for up to 4 players.

TO WIN a campaign, be the first player to collect a complete set of 4 shields in various color and symbol combinations. Achieve all 4 campaigns before your opponents, and you'll win the game!

Character cards add a layer of complexity and strategy. Collect the King, Queen, Wizard or other character cards to gain special powers.

Attack cards add extra defensive and offensive options. Your opponent could launch a Siege, Invasion, Calamity or other attack to destroy you.

The Traitor card could pop up at any time, preventing you from winning! You'll have to use the Assassin card or other strategy to rid yourself of the Traitor.